The following documents comprise Stoney Point Fire Department’s operating guidelines. These documents are reviewed on an ongoing basis to continually improve our response and business efficiency. Some materials have been identified as sensitive due to ongoing threat concerns from the Department of Homeland Security; such items are marked with an asterisk (*) to the right of the title. To access these items, please contact the fire department.

1.Governance and Administration
1A.001 – Articles of Incorporation
1A.005 – Ethics and Conflicts of Interest
1A.009 – Policy Dissemination
1A.010 – Policy on Committee Groups

2. Analysis and Planning
2A.001 – Incident Reporting and Records

3. Goals and Objectives
3A.001 – Monthly Performance Management

4. Financial Resources
4A.002 – Bid Process
Bylaws Article VII – Fiscal Controls
4A.004 – Bill Payment and Financial Review

5. Operations
5A.001 – Incident Command System
5A.002 – Structural Fire Control
5A.003 – Sprinklered Building
5A.005 – Property Conservation
5A.006 – Dumpster Fire
5A.007 – Electrical Fire
5A.008 – Rapid Intervention Team (RIT)
5A.009 – Firefighter Emergencies – Mayday

5A.011 – Accountability
5A.012 – Fireground Safety
5A.016 – Groundcover Fire Suppression
5A.017 – Water Supply

5B.001 – Fire Prevention
5B.002 – Life Safety and Child Passenger Safety Checking Station
5C.001 – Program Development and Needs Assessment
5E.001 – Vehicle Extrication Response
5E.002 – Water Rescue Operations
5G.001 – County Medical EMS Protocols
5G.002 – Medical Call Response
5G.003 – Tactical Landing Zones
5G.004 – HIPAA Compliance
5H.001 – City and County Emergency Operations Planning
5I.002 – Seatbelt Use
5I.003 – Apparatus Backing
5I.004 – Apparatus Numbering
5I.005 – Apparatus Cleaning

6. Physical Resources
6A.001 – Grounds Maintenance
6A.002 – Building Maintenance
6A.003 – Small Tools Maintenance
6A.004 – SCBA Maintenance
6A.005 – Rope Maintenance
6A.006 – Turnout Gear Maintenance
6A.007 – Apparatus Maintenance
6A.008 – Vehicle Replacement Schedule
6A.009 – Small Tool Replacement Plan
6A.010 – Maintenance Records Input
6A.011 – Fire Hose Testing
6A.012 – Ladder Testing
6A.013 – Pump Testing
6A.014 – Smoke Detector Testing
6A.015 – Extinguisher Maintenance

7. Human Resources
Personnel and Benefits Policy
Career and Volunteer Development
7A.001 – Human Resources
7A.001A – Sexual Harassment
7A.002 – Personnel Records
7A.003 – Personnel Recruitment and Retention
7A.005 – Personnel Policy
7A.006 – New Member Orientation Guide
7A.006B – Lateral Transfer Orientation Packet
7A.007 – Member Recognition
7A.008 – Disciplinary Actions
7A.009 – Personnel Classification
7A.010 – Grievance Procedures

7A.011 – Employee Assistance
7A.012 – Job Descriptions
7A.013 – Departmental Personnel Development
7A.014 – Compensation
7A.016 – Occupational Health and Safety
7A.017 – Accident Reporting
7A.018 – Hazard Communication
7A.019 – Occupational Noise Exposure
7A.020 – Eye and Face Protection
7A.021 – Infection Control

7A.022 – Emergency Vehicle Driver Safety
7A.022A – Driving While Impaired
7A.023 – General Safety
7A.023A – Safe Workplace Practices
7A.024 – Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
7A.024B – Uniform and Personal Appearance
7A.024C – Gear Rack Storage
7A.025 – Emergency Incident Rehabilitation
7A.027 – Social Media and Networking
7A.028 – Substance Abuse
7A.029 – Tobacco Use
7A.030 – Baby Abandonment

7A.031 – Adverse Weather Conditions
7A.032 – Critical Stress Debrief
7A.033 – Media Relations
7A.034 – Code of Conduct
7A.035 – Line of Duty Death
7A.036 – Funeral Service Practices
7A.037 – Employee Performance Evaluations
7A.038 – Weapons Policy
7A.039 – Cancer Prevention

8. Training Competencies
8A.001 – Firefighter Training
8A.002 – HazMat Awareness and Operations
8A.003 – Self-Survival and Mayday
8A.004 – Driver Training
8A.005 – Rescue Training
8A.006 – Officer Training
8A.007 – Instructor Training
8A.008 – Live Fire Live Burn Training
8A.009 – Benchmark Drills
8A.010 – Training Committee
8A.011 – SCBA Endurance Course
8A.012 – Use of Reference Materials
8A.013 – Required Training Competencies

9. Hydraulics
9A.001 – Determining Water Supply
9A.002 – Hydrant Maintenance
9A.003 – Water Supply

10. External Systems Relationships
10A.001 – Local Emergency Response Plan
10A.002 – State Emergency Response Plan (SERP)
State Emergency Response Plan (SERP) Protocols
10A.004 – Conflict Resolution
10A.005 – Automatic Aid Agreement
10A.006 – HazMat Agreement
10A.007 – Development of Interagency Agreements
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