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Membership Meetings are Every Thursday at 7:30 PM. Walk-ins are welcome.

Interested in helping others?
Want to learn valuable life and job skills?
Want to meet new people?
Then Stoney Point Fire Department is looking for you!

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Stoney Point Fire and Rescue family can identify start the process as a:

  • Walk-in, call-in, or write-in; or

  • Be referred to our department by other sources such as other departments or past and current members.

Candidates interested in either volunteer or paid employee positions must complete an Application & Personal Data Form.


What will you do once you join Stoney Point Fire and Rescue? Once trained as a firefighter or emergency medical technician you will be helping your neighbors and the surrounding communities whenever called upon. How does it work?

You must first submit an application. As part of the application process, please visit your local sheriff’s office and complete a background check; attach the completed form to your application. Next, you will go through pre-basic orientation conducted by our own fire personnel at the station. During this program you will become familiar with the basic skills needed to prepare you as a future firefighter and emergency medical technician.

Upon completion of pre-basic training you’ll be ready to attend the state certification classes offered by all North Carolina community colleges. Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) offers day, night and weekend fire academy certification classes, emergency medical technician (EMT) as well as rescue technician (RT) certifications. These programs are free of charges to you as a SPFD member and can lead to national certification (IFSAC) and in some cases college credits. Basic fire and EMS courses run from 160 to 340 hours. Not only is basic training in fire and EMS provided to you at no cost but you’ll also receive the necessary protective clothing and equipment to complete these courses. All YOU need to do is give it time and your COMMITMENT!

But beware! This is not a game and our standards are high. As a volunteer, you will become part of a duty rotation. This means you will become an integral part of five teams which staff the fire station every week. You will also be included in a weekend duty rotation approximately once every two months. During your duty shifts you will be expected to train while standing by for emergency calls. In order to develop our skills as an agency the department maintains a weekly training meeting every Thursday. This time is typically set aside for company drills, state mandatory training and other important events. There are also social events occasionally where family members are welcome. We’re not all about hard work without a good time!

Applications to fill out during in-processing other than the FD application include:

  • Background Information Form

  • Medical History Form

  • Beneficiary Form

  • N.C. State Firefighter Certification Application

  • FTCC transcript release form

  • Application to the State Pension Fund

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